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You're Too Slow--

I joke and am unpleasant to be Around.

3/30/08 08:43 am

Damn it... with this broken leg, I can hardly experiment...

Sora. Go find out exactly where all the symbols lead. Write it down.

3/26/08 08:54 pm

[sounds of combat in the background, Jay speaking in quick snippets]

Some of the lesser enemies have mounted a large-scale attack.

It seems out of desperation, they're just flinging all they have.

[sound of a puppy barking, and Jay murmuring to hush it]

Those in the library, what is your status?

[in the background you can hear the end of a spell and "Healing stream!" followed by a somewhat sickening 'thwack']

-!! Mama! [the radio drops]

[end transmission]

3/25/08 05:13 am - [voice post]

[sound of a few explosions, electrocutions, and impalement]
It's easier to hold a position than to keep running, although I doubt that will be a viable option for long. With Grune, however, I'll have to try. We can't both exhaust our eres.

Sora, be careful.

Sh- [hesitant pause] Mother, Father, you too.

I'll be fine.

[more ganado spanish "toma los niñas!"]

[end transmission]

3/9/08 02:56 pm

Training does help break the monotony... one good thing came of that day.

3/5/08 12:14 pm

I was perfectly fine before-!

I-It's not like I was ever lonely. It's not like I'm lonely right now, not at all, no.
someone love me

J-Just shut up! Mind your own business.

2/23/08 12:24 am

She... she came back.

Thank goodness that's all over.

2/15/08 12:17 pm

It's been a good week.

But, really, I don't need all this money... I suppose I'll hold on to it...

2/7/08 08:01 pm

... I suppose it's... somewhat like home this way.

If you don't harass them, they can be rather pleasant.

So long as they understand we do not nibble on my notes.

1/24/08 02:20 pm - [voice post]


What the hell happened to me?
And now it's all so blurry! I can barely even remember...

... well, I remember Demyx needs to be taught a lesson... and something about Sheena...

... I.
I suppose I should get this back to Roxas.

[ooc: Jay's piecing together everything that happened, so pardon him if it takes him a bit to recall certain promises or things he asked. also, trufax, wearing this.]

1/23/08 03:12 pm

stupid duuuuck

ok not stupid
sora wouldnt like it if i said stupid

but im thinking it

sora tastes like red ♥
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